Boer Goat for sale-Fullblood registered buck
with good bloodline, built well.  5 mo. old.
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Boer Goats for Sale-Effective Marketing Techniques
A goat breeder down the road from us has his Boer goats sold before they ever hit the ground.  He has built up a reputation throughout the Boer goat community and solved a problem many of us face...he sells all the Boer goats he can produce.   The rest of us still struggle with accomplishing our end result in our breeding program...selling our Boer goats for the price we think they're worth.  Southern Star Boer Goats would like to share our marketing strategies.  They work time after time for us.*

*Our last buck sold the very first day the ad hit, to the first inquirer.  We had nearly two hundred hits on our website in a four day period, all checking out our Boer goat for sale.
Boer Goat for Sale-The Newspaper Ad
Still effective, still expensive, and still very limited in the details you can include.  Your goal IS however, to get the word out that you have a Boer goat for sale.  The daily newspaper is probably the least cost effective, as your ad will  be 'yesterday's news' tomorrow.  Those free area shoppers (our local shopper is the Thrifty Nickle.) are at least good for a few days since they are typically a weekly publication.   We personally like to sell our goats locally, if possible, as 'word of mouth' advertising among goat breeders is still the best and cheapest advertising around, and providing you are selling quality goats, contributes to that reputation that will help sell your future goats.
The challenges you face in placing an effective newspaper classified  is making your fifteen word ad stand out above the rest.    Even if it does, how many goat breeders are just like me, they absolutely hate to pick up the phone and call.  Giving those potential buyers a means to read more about your goat for sale by including a web address to your goat site not only makes your ad stand out, but allows them to browse through  information on your website anonymously before deciding whether they are interested in your goat.
Uhhh...I don't have a web site...
Well, we think you should.  The goat industry has exploded on the production end,but lags severely in effective means to market our goats, especially breeding stock.  This shortcoming has been recognized by many goat breeders, who have turned to the internet to market their Boer goats.  If you aren't one of these enterprising goat breeders,you are eating dust!  Websites are, in the grand scheme of thimgs, very inexpensive,  and, we firmly believe, will easily add an extra hundred bucks or so to your sale price, each and every time.  TexasGoat is eager to assist you in your web adventure if you wish to put your goat business on the web!  Our web services, Southern Ingenuity, can help you every step of the way.
Getting Buyers to Your Website
Including a web address in a newspaper classified ad tends to peak a reader;s interest, even if they're not necessarily in the market for a Boer goat at the moment.  However, a long or confusing web address will discourage some.  For example, our goat site address is, too much typing for some goat farmers, for sure.  We originally registered the domain to use as our own personal goat site and well, things just got out of control.  When we put our Boer goats for sale in a newspaper ad, we use a short web address,  which then directs the visitor to our main sales page.  If your domain name isn't 'user-friendly' feel free to contact us about using the TexasGoat shortcut.
Once you have a potential buyer on your website...
make it count!  This is your one chance to convince someone to actually pick up the phone and call about your goat for sale, or at least contact you by e-mail for further information.  More is at stake here than making one sale.  Name recognition, namely your Boer goat operation, can lead to future sales even if you don't make this sale to this visitor to your site.  We browse goat sites continously, and time after time, we see that, while the goat site itself may be impressive, the 'Goats for Sale 'page consists of a single picture, very limited imformation about the goat (if any at all)  and no enticement for me to drive across the county or the state to see this goat live and  ''in person.'  Our goat marketing strategies continue on the next page with an in-depth look at ways to
Market your Boer goats

Boer Goats for Sale-Other Marketing Techniques
Your goat website, in all honesty, will probably not be the most popular, the most visited, or the highest ranked web site on the Google search.  That's OK.  You and I both know the chances of someone driving from North Carolina to Texas to buy your goat are slim to none.  You do need, however, to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your website and make it 'findable' to potential buyers. has several ways for you to promote your goat operation and put your name 'out there' for potential buyers.  Our Goat Producer's Directory offers free listings to any goat breeder with a website.  Our Goat Handbook gives you the opportunity to contribute to our goat information database and in return, your website can be listed as 'This information brought to you by...'  Both of these services are free and we encourage you to take advantage of them. also has other methods for you to put your goat operation in front of potential buyers, such as banner advertising.  For more information about these marketing techniques to assist you in your 'Goats for Sale' marketing efforts,
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