Boer Goat for Sale-Marketing Techniques Part 2
Your website is your 'Boer Store'
The 'Boer goat for sale' page is the most important page of your website, yet often the most neglected.  I've visited goat sites that went on and on 'about us', showed countless, slow loading images of every nanny goat, even telling everyone visiting about their kids (children, that is) but when it comes to making a sale...they fail miserably!  We offer a few suggestions that will increase your visitors' interest in your boer goats for sale.
Give a clear and concise description
We'll talk about the 'Bells and Whistles' techniques you can use to entice potential buyers in a bit, but the most important key to making a sale is accurately describing your Boer goat for sale.  Honesty is always the best policy, however, no goat is the 'perfect goat.'  Highlight your goats strengths: describe it's length, width, muscle structure, colorization, etc.  Does your buck have a big butt? (I always get that question.)  If he doesn't, let the buyer ask rather than advertise your goat's one flaw.
List the asking price
I respect the fact that you think your goat is worth a thousand dollars, but if I'm looking for a five hundred dollar goat, listing your price on your 'Goat for Sale' page saves you and I time and effort.  By the same token, if you have a goat that's 'priced right,' you have further encouraged a potential buyer to keep your Boer goat at the top of their list of possibilities.  Also, don't hesitate to state that you are firm in your asking price, or willing to negotiate. 
Include the pedigree on your 'Goat for Sale' page
If your selling a registered, fullblood goat, potential buyers want to know what he's made of.  Include his pedigree, even if it's nothing particularly special.  Most of us in the business know that the pedigree doesn't necessarily make the goat...but it may make the sale!  Texas Goat has an online pedigree generator  available.  It's simple to use, and simple to put the results on your goat site.  You can view a sample of the pedigree generator here.
List your contact info and location
Be sure to include your contact information or at least a promently displayed link to your contact page on your 'Goat for Sale' page.  Contact information should include an e-mail address and a phone number.  We also put our physical address and include a map to our location.  With the price of gasoline these days, driving any distance at all to look at a goat can be a mark against making a sale.
Now for the good part-Bells and Whistles

Pictures of your Boer goat for sale
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then four or five should be worth...well, you do the math.  Put a slide show of your goat on your 'Goat for Sale' page.  Texas Goat has a slide show generator you can use to create a simple slide show of your goat for sale.  Be cautious of using large photos though.  Too many large images will cause your web page to load your potential buyer to grow impatient and leave your site.  Texas Goat has a photo resizer for your use here.  (Note: the photos you wish to use in your slide show must be on the stored on the internet.)
View an example of the Slide Show Generator
Make a video of your goat
Visitors to your website love this feature.  We've made videos of our goats for sale for a couple of years now, and it is an awesome selling tool.  See an example of a goat for sale video we made for one of our Boer bucks here.
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