Is your goat sick?

18 September, 2015rodster385Comments (0)

Probably the most effective and efficient method of identifying a goat that is sick or in need of medical treatment is the human eye. If your goat is acting differently than it typically does (not eating well, standing off by itself, etc.) then something is probably wrong. If you notice this, then act quickly to identify the problem. Goats are sturdy, but not indestructible. They frequently don’t show many signs or symptoms at the early stages of illness, so by the time you see something is wrong, the situation has already progressed significantly.

Signs of a healthy goat include:

Attitude - Alert and curious

Appetite - Shows interest in food. Chews cud after feeding

Breathing - Regular and unlabored

Coat/Skin - Clean, glossy and no lumps

Droppings – Pellets are firm

Eyes - Bright, clear and not running

Gait - Steady with no limping

Nose - Cool and dry

Weight - Average weight and gain