Goat Kidding

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Phase I - early labor.
Isolate doe on her early due date (145th day)
normal gestation is 145 - l55 days
may be necessary to change bedding if doe is in kidding pen more than a day
favorite time of day for delivery is late afternoon or early evening
Signs of early labor!
appears restless
eyes luminous
smells the ground
paws the bedding
looks behind her
hollows out.
tail lifts up
rises and lies down frequently
udder begins to fill
vulva becomes flabby
white discharge
Phase II - actual delivery.
Prepare the doe.
wash genital area with udder wash
remove water bucket so babies won't drown
stay with the doe in case she needs help
watch color of discharge carefully
Signs of final labor!
copious discharge
strong labor pains - about 2 minutes apart
ears stand out - lips curl
doe begins to strain
fluid filled bubble may appear
water may break
second bubble may appear
feet and or nose may become visible
Normal presentations: The doe will usually deliver either of the following presentations without assistance:
head lying on the forefeet with the chin about. the knees and kids back toward the does back.
both rear legs in the birth canal with kids back toward the does back.
Phase III - clean up.
Delivery of the afterbirth:
usually occurs within 3-4 hours
may take as long as 12 hours
if not hanging from the doe partially delivered look around in the bedding
doe will sometimes eat the afterbirth
if doe does not clean, may need infusion and/or veterinary assistance
Discharge of excess uterine fluid:
clear to slightly bloody discharge is normal
may occur for 2 to 3 weeks after delivery
if discharge is pus-like or reddish in color and/or increasing in volume, may require antibiotics and/or veterinary assistance