Fitting Your Show Goat

18 September, 2015rodster385Comments (0)

Many major shows have a shearing rule for club goats. However, there are some differences in the hair length that is allowable at the time of show. Therefore, it is very important to read the show rules prior to clipping your goat for a particular show.

Washing your goat is not always necessary, but it can be beneficial. If washing is done, use a mild soap sparingly, rinse the animal thoroughly, and dry the goat completely. Brushing with a stiff brush on a regular basis is usually all that is needed on clean goats. The brushing action removes all of the dead hair and dirt on the goat.

Once the goat is clean it is time to shear your goat. Shearing must be done to match show rules, and should be done a week to ten days prior to the show to allow clipper tracks to even out and the pink skin to become less apparent. A pair of electric clippers equipped with either a 20 or 23 tooth comb and 4 point cutter should be used. There are many different combs and cutters available; however, it is felt that the equipment mentioned in this guide provides a smother more attractive goat. While shearing, the clippers should run parallel to the length of the body rather than making vertical motions. Hair below the knees and hocks should not be shorn, and the hair on the end of the tail should be bobbed. Small animal clippers may be needed to clip closely around the eyes, ears, pasterns, or delicate areas on the goat.

If you are shearing in the colder winter months, you should cover you goat with a lamb sock or blanket immediately after shearing. A clean, well-bedded pen should be provided for the goat to keep him clean and dry.