Fencing for Goats

18 September, 2015rodster385Comments (0)

There is no more important item than fences when getting your farm ready for goats. Goats are smart and curious. They are known for their ability as escape artists. Whether you plan to fix up old fences, or build new ones, be careful to verify that you have indeed made your fence goat-proof. When refitting an older fence you will want to check for stumps or rocks that may be close to the fence line. Predators can climb on a stump or rock and jump in and conversely goats can jump out.

Many types of fencing can be successfully used for goats, but it must be installed and maintained correctly. Woven wire and/or high-tensile electric fencing, with spacing suitable for goats, usually work well. Many farm supply stores have brochures to help you plan and install your fencing. There are also sources of fencing information on the internet.

Heavy-duty combination cattle panels or panels especially designed for goats can be really handy around barns and other shelters. They are an economical way to build small separation pens or other needed enclosures.

The careful planning and the time spent on your fences will be among the best investments you make.